Aluminum Profile

The aluminum titanium plating technology is belonging to thin film deposition technology. It adds pre-plating step and electroplating step to normal titanium coating technology. The aluminum profile technology is setting the activated plating pieces into the aqueous solution of salt and hydrochloride acid. The component of plating liquor of electroplating technology include nickel sulfate, nickel oxide, boric acid, lauryl sodium sulfate, saccharin, and brightener. This technology has the strong points of simple, practical and effective. The harness number of the. titanium aluminum made by this technology is HV=1500, 150 times as wear-resisting as 22K gold on equal conditions. It can be many series of aluminum profile with every style of golden, colorful and black products.

Aluminum Frame

Partial film thick: On the decorative surface of the material, the average value after several times ( no less than three) of measurement on one surface with smaller than 1㎡,Average film thick: The average value of partial film thick measured by several parts (no less than five) on the decorative surface. Visual color difference: On the condition of standard sunlight and observation and observed by naked eyes, the color difference and its characteristics of two colors with the discription of slight, deep, reddish, dark, and light. Color code: Negotiated by both sides, standard samples for controlling the upper and lower limitation of color of the products.

Photovoltaic Stand

The solar support system has strong points in the application of solar power support more than simple production and installation. The solar panel can also provide flexible move of sunlight. Just as the beginning of having finished the installation, the slope of every solar panel can adapt different angles of sunlight by moving solid pieces or adjusting the slope. The solar panel can be fixed at any position you want by fastening again. The solar support system has the materials of carbon steel and stainless steel, the surface of carbon steel has been conducted by hot galvanizing so as to make it rust-proofing for at least 30 years in outdoor environment. Characteristics: No welding, no drilling, 100% adjustable, 100% reusable.

Roof&Ground Power Station

The solar power roof project arouses the enthusiasm of every part in society by the demonstration project, and accelerates the implementation of related national policies. It emphasizes on the publication of demonstration project and enlarges its influence as well as its awareness in the market. With the efforts mentioned above we try to form a good social circumstance for developing solar energy products. Whats more, we try to promote the implementation of the policy of sharing internet and energy fee so as to enlarge the effect of the policy. The project sees the photoelectric building as the key content of energy saving in construction, and promote actively the utilization of it in the modification project of photoelectricity in newly-constructed and existing buildings, and urban lightin

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